Bokeh 3 Support

Hi Streamlit folks! Bokeh 3 has been out for over a year now. When do you plan to support it?

Hi @matt.e.fay,

Thanks for your question!

Just to be sure, which warning/error message do you get when you try to import it?


Hey @matt.e.fay!

PM on the team here. We haven’t prioritized support yet because unfortunately, it’s a bit tricky. If we go to 3 straight away, we’d break a bunch of apps that rely on Bokeh 2 features (since Bokeh 3 is a breaking release). We could support both but a) it takes a bit of time to implement that properly and b) it would increase our dependency size quite a bit. I’m currently finishing up a few other projects but want to have a closer look at this afterward. Please follow this Github issue for updates. There’s also a workaround in there.

Thanks for the heads-up, Johannes! :pray: