Can streamlit support bokeh 3.0?

StreamlitAPIException : Streamlit only supports Bokeh version 2.4.3, but you have version 3.0.3 installed. Please run pip install --force-reinstall --no-deps bokeh==2.4.3 to install the correct version.
all my codes are written in bokeh 3.0 and caused a lot of errors, I have a lot of code written in 3.0, so this is a sad story.
I know this may not be your urgent priority, hope I can use bokeh 3.0 soon

At present, the alternative I use is to export the saved bokeh as html file and open it in a new window :slight_smile:

# create bokeh figure and save bokeh HTML
save_path=r"YOUR SAVE PATH"

if st.button('open bokeh figure'):       
    # Use st.markdown to display the HTML content
    st.write("please wait few seconds for html to open")
    with open(save_path, "r") as file:
        html_content =
    st.markdown(html_content, unsafe_allow_html=True)

Hey @Mengxi_Yu,

Please upvote this corresponding GitHub Issue so our team can prioritize this feature request.