Can Streamlit open a folder and read the file inside?


At present, the showDirectoryPicker() window API call is supported by Chrome, Edge, and Opera browsers.

async function getDir() {
  const dirHandle = await window.showDirectoryPicker();

  // run code for dirHandle

Is there any method to open folder by st.file_uploader currently?


By the way, the Live(Online) Demo of Logseq can be as an example. The user can open a folder and create a logseq vault inside.

You cannot show a directory picker, but you can drag and drop a directory into the file uploader.

But it seems that there is no info for structure of the folder.

All the files choose by selector only has its filename. :sob:

That is right, no info on where the bytes come from is passed to the application other than the bare file name.

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