Can streamlit output streamed in, similar to

I am a beginner, aiming to create dashboard for my NGS data. I have been trying to create one using shiny. One great feature I observed is that, the App can be hosted in and it makes it easy to share the results with collaborators and anyone interested. Similarly, the html outputs of markdown can be hosed in

Compared to shiny, I found streamlit is so easy to use and did not take time at all to setup and start it up. I have created my own app in less than 10 mins. But do not know, how to share the results. It is difficult to ask non-programming users to install and run the code I share with them.

Please let me know, if there is a easy way out like

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @gitarunprasanna83, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Streamlit HQ is actually hard at work with Streamlit for Teams, which is pretty similar to for Streamlit !

There should be a beta coming soon for the community version, which will be free for anyone wanting to 1-click deploy its Streamlit app. If you’re interested in beta testing it, you should drop a message to @randyzwitch or @tc1 :wink:


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