Cancel auto-refresh app in the cloud

Thanks, @ailyze.

Would you be able to share the code privately, or alternatively, parts of that code so we can attempt to reproduce this issue, please?


I sent you a message with the code.

Thank you very much, @ailyze!

I’ve passed your code to the devs. Hopefully, that will help us unveil the issue that some of the other users are facing.

I will let you know as soon as I hear from them.

Thanks all for your patience :slight_smile:


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Hi Charly,

I’m still experiencing the same issue. You can check it out here:
The app refreshes automatically each few minutes. I can see that best when uploading a data file and after the refresh I have to start the analysis anew.

Attached, please find a “legal” csv file to drop on the file upload component.


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Thanks for reporting the issue, @ranibaron!

I have reported it to the developers, and we will keep you posted.


Any updates on this?

Hi @Charly_Wargnier,
I also seem to have this issue. The app is here:, and there you can also find a link to the code on GitHub. Hope that helps.

Kind regards

Hi @slobentanzer and @ailyze,

It seems that the issue may be related to the file uploader, but this would need to be tested and confirmed by the developers.

I’ve asked the dev team to discuss and diagnose the issue on this thread, so you should hear from them very shortly.

Best wishes,

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Hi charly,
Is there any update on this charly?

I’m too working on a project that uses st.file_uploader. There we need to process the uploaded text file for more than 30 mins sometimes and all the results should display. It’s an integration with a LLM too. After some time with inactivity whole page is refreshing in the middle of the process.

I checked for a solution to this issue in several google resourses and found this streamlit community post.

Is there any alternative way to stop this auto refresh app from the cloud? I’m hoping an early reply.
Thank you!

Hi @Roshini_Fernando,

I hope you’re doing well, and sorry to hear that you’re experiencing the issue too.

I have reported the issue to the developers, and I’ll let @jlampart provide feedback on the progress of this issue and any possible workarounds.

Thank you for your patience.


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Hi @Roshini_Fernando and everyone else experiencing this issue. Our investigation into the issue is still ongoing, but it seems the core problem lies within the st.file_uploader component. To be more specific, there’s an issue where the websocket becomes disconnected as an extended period of time has passed, and files that were uploaded become lost. The engineers who work directly on the file_uploader are aware of this issue. A possible fix is still pending, which @Charly_Wargnier can notify you when it’s ready.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi @Charly_Wargnier @jlampart ,
Thank you so much for your quick response and the detailed explanation. Hope the engineers will do the best. This is much important !!

Thanks for the feedback @jlampart!


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Hi @Charly_Wargnier ,
is there any update on this issue?


Hello there,

I have the same issue with my app
I will be happy to here some news about this issue.

Also I have another issue that is more “dangerous” for me, it is that when a user leave the app without clearing it (reset the session_state) then another user can have access to it. Or when there is two user on the app there is a conflict.
I saw on Where does the data go when using file_uploader? When does it get deleted? - #18 by Jason_K that I may be due to st.cache but I have to check to confirm. It is still a problem that it doesn’t work like in local where it opens a localhost:8501 and if you open a new one it opens localhost:8502 with 0 interaction between both of them.

Thanks for the heads-up, @Christophe @Roshini_Fernando! :pray:

I’ll let @jlampart update you on this.


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I have the same problem, but to me it happens as am still locally not deployed yet on the cloud.
After user is successful logged in, additional features are displayed but user can not interact with all the inputs because the page refreshes itself, and it’s really a problem.

Any help, how to resolve this?

Hey @McUdo,

It sounds like the issue you’re seeing might be separate from the issue identified in this thread, since your app is running locally. Do you mind creating a separate topic with a code snippet so we can investigate further?

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And again, am using streamlit to create my final year project. But I have a problem with calling Http request I think, that can allow web browser to open another tab. How can I implement that, after a login button? Any Idea please, if you can help?

Hey @McUdo,

Do you mind creating a separate post and including a code snippet?