Cancel auto-refresh app in the cloud

I’ll let you know, I had a problem with my project so I have to redo again. My computer harddisk collapse I barely had some backup files. So, I’ll let you know.

Hello, same issue here (streamlit 1.25.0). Is there any solution to fix this issue or a way to skip it ?
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Streamlit Team, I’m running into the same refresh issue where the app disconnects and tries to reconnect after some time. However I don’t think any of the specific issues talked about here apply to my case since I’m not connected to GitHub and not using file_uploader.

Can confirm that this issue still happens in my app. I have created +100 users and deployed the app on Azure Web Apps with a decent server plan. But I still get complaints from users who get booted and kicked out at random times, losing all their progress in the app…

Streamlit v.1.26.0, using capabilities.

Any update on this? I am using streamlit 1.28.0. App works fine on local system, but when i deployed it on Azure, it gets auto refreshed every 2 mins of inactivity, though the filter remains unimpacted.

I tried publishing an empty app also with just a header, still it gets auto refreshed.

The users are not accepting this. If it doesn’t get resolved, I will have to redo it on some other app. Please help!

I am experiencing this same issue: random refreshes after 1-4 minutes. No st.file_uploader involved.
No user interaction happening at time of refresh.
streamlit version is blank in requirements.txt

widgets used:

  • st.st_page_config
  • st.markdown
  • st.session_state
  • st.secrets
  • st.image
  • st.write
  • st.text_input
  • st.status

Here’s a flyer: What happens if st.status is state=“running” after the rest of the script had executed. After several minutes, would it eventually trigger an event, like turning to state=“error”?

My engineering team managed to solve the issue. It was caused by Cloudflare proxy. By disabling that, the issue got solved.

Does anyone know how the auto refresh issue can be resolved without having to disable the proxy?

Additional cause of regular refreshes uncovered by the console.: half-hour re-authentications by an api. In this case truberics feedback collector.

I am struggling with the same issue using streamlit version 1.28.2.
Running the development server on my machine works fine, but the deployment on GCP refreshes every 30s - 2 minutes, which results in entered data disappearing.
I tried using streamlit_autorefresh as recommended here but it did not help.
GitHub link to project

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I solved my issue now by putting more information into session state, which persists in case of a reload.

Hey @Charly_Wargnier @jlampart

Seems the issues has been reported for a while but not fixed yet, is any existing issue open in Github? Issues · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

same issue when I tested on local host (streamlit 1.30.0). I used session_state trick but it does not help. Entire webserver restarted every 15 - 30 mins.

Thanks in advance!

let me support with my case, i use streamlit form that when user input something and submit, it will load and display images. After all images are load and display successfully, it keeps images showing perfectly. however after a random time, it refresh and all displaying images are gone. user has to start all over again to see images. Still figuring out how to fix this.

As @Disha_Grover mention about Cloudflare proxy, This assumption is interesting. For those who has this issue can you also mention whether you use CF as well.

For me yes i use cloudflare, but no prove that this is an issue.

Hi @ztigerz,

I’m not sure if you’re still facing this issue, but if you are, it might be worth installing the latest version of Streamlit (1.32.0) to check if that resolves the issue.

Let me know :slight_smile:


still facing the issue in new version

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This is still an issue in streamlit==1.33.0