Can't edit format for st.date_input

I want to try to edit the format of st.date_input.

but I get this error message: “TypeError: TimeWidgetsMixin.date_input() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘format’”

from datetime import date, datetime
import streamlit as st
add_event = 0

if st.button("Add Event"):
    add_event = 1

if add_event == 1:
    st.text_input("What's the name of your event?")
    new_event = st.date_input("When is your event?", format="DD/MM/YYYY")

please help!

The format kwarg was recently introduced in version 1.25.0, my guess is that you are working with a previous version of streamlit. You can upgrade via pip:

pip install -U streamlit
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Great! Thank you! Now it works, however, I’d like it to be the last to digits of the year (this year: 23) and streamlit doesn’t support that format, do you know any other way to remove the first two digits of the year? Thank you!

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