Can't print/save PDF multiple pages when deployed but can locally

Hi guys,

Firstly, I LOVE Streamlit, thanks Devs.

For easy sharing though, I regularly make apps with the intent of saving the outputs as PDFs. This has always been straightforward with local projects but when I try and save to PDF using the print dialogue on my browser, it will only save the first page.

Any thoughts on why or potential workarounds?


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Hi @rahul-psych, welcome to the Streamlit community!

I wonder if what you are seeing has to do with the fact that Streamlit sharing apps are themselves running inside iframes. I’ll forward this on to our cloud team to see if they have any ideas.


Thanks @randyzwitch , sounds likely!

I appreciate it might be an unusual use case but I think it is one where local deployments of streamlit have a very clear edge in non-technical environments over notebooks and even excel or other BI software so I think it will be worth solving.

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I second usefulness of having good pdf export support. I’m using Streamlit in structural engineering, with calculation web apps such as links below, using handcalcs to render the latex calculations which I want to then pdf as documentation of a particular design:

Welcome to the Streamlit community @lisitsa! I’ve forwarded these PDF use cases to our engineering team, so hopefully they can figure out a reasonable solution.

Those two apps are pretty amazing, great work!