Multipage app deployment

When deploying my multipage app it seems to have only deployed the home page. How do I make sure all pages are included when deploying?

Here’s what I selected when deploying:

This is the directory’s structure:

Here’s what it looks like locally (side bar shows all pages and I can navigate through them):

Here’s what it looks like deployed (no sidebar with the pages):

This is a private app so I can’t provide the link, I hope you can still help me figure it out! Thanks in advance!

Hi @marinavillaschi, welcome to the community! :wave: :partying_face:

It’s challenging to figure out what the issue is when we aren’t able to view the directory structure on GitHub. First thing I would check is if the pages/ directory with the three pages was indeed uploaded to the repo and that requirements.txt on GitHub contains streamlit>=1.10.0.

It was the streamlit version on requirementes.txt. I changed it to 1.10.0 and it worked!!
Thanks a lot!

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Perfect! FYI: The multipage feature was introduced in version 1.10.0:

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