Conda install streamlit installs older version or fails


conda install streamlit is unable to install the latest streamlit version on fresh 3.10 and 3.9 environments (I suppose also on older supported versions, I just haven’t tested).
The environment solving takes a long time and ends up installing either streamlit 1.8.0 or 1.9.0, sometimes it just fails completely.
Installing with pip works perfectlty.

Steps to reproduce

conda install streamlit -c conda-forge

Debug info

  • Python: 3.9 and 3.10
  • Conda: 22.11.1
  • OS: Win 11 22h2
  • Tested on 2 machines!


Hey @alex180500, thanks for sharing this question.

Sharing what our team responded on the GitHub Issue:

Hi @alex180500,

I’m going to close this as cannot reproduce as it doesn’t seem to be an issue on the machines I tried this on, and it seems that whatever’s failing may have something to do with package resolution, which we don’t have much control over once we release a new package to conda forge. I suspect that this is more likely to be a conda issue than a streamlit issue, but let me know if it looks like I’m wrong about this (if, say, the conda team doesn’t think the issue is theirs), and I can reopen the issue.

Hello, the problem is still present!