Unable to install streamlit with conda in new environment

Hi. I’ve decided to create this new discussion because I can’t reply the last one with same title. Besides, the last one didn’t help me.

As it is suggestioned on the last discussion, I created a new environment on Anaconda, with python version 3.9.13. It seemed that the person who suggested it had an experience with no conflits to install streamlit. I tried to install streamlit in this new environment’s terminal and I didn’t have the same experience.

Follow the message that appears when I try to install streamlit on new environment’s terminal:

WARNING: Retrying (Retry(total=0, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None, status=None)) after connection broken by ‘ProtocolError(‘Connection aborted.’, ConnectionResetError(10054, ‘Foi forçado o cancelamento de uma conexão existente pelo host remoto’, None, 10054, None))’: /simple/streamlit/
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement streamlit (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for streamlit

** the sentences in bold type appears 5 times and then appears the error.

Somebody could help me?

Sorry for any inconvenience. That wasn’t my intention.

Thanks in advance.

Are you able to install any other packages to the environment?

Searching for something similar to your error, I found a mention of using proxy to get around it. Does this thread provide any help? python 3.x - Pip can't install any package - Stack Overflow

Are you using conda-forge?

If you don’t have your conda configured to check conda-forge, you may need to pass it explicitly.

conda install streamlit -c conda-forge

Hi. I installed sklearn and joblib, but not streamlit.
I saw the link you suggested me.
I tried "python.exe -m pip install package --proxy=“proxy:port” but it didn’t work.

The error message:
ERROR: Could not install packages due to an OSError: Please check proxy URL. It is malformed and could be missing the host.

Maybe I need to write something instead of just copy the command.

I tried your suggestion and it works! I could installed streamlit in my new environment!

However, I need one more help: in order to make work completely a browser with streamlit, seems like I need to install numpy C-extensions.

Follow the error messages on VScode:



Importing the numpy C-extensions failed. This error can happen for
many reasons, often due to issues with your setup or how NumPy was

We have compiled some common reasons and troubleshooting tips at:


Please note and check the following:

  • The Python version is: Python3.9 from “C:\Users\rocki\anaconda3\envs\environments\python.exe”
  • The NumPy version is: “1.22.3”

and make sure that they are the versions you expect.
Please carefully study the documentation linked above for further help.

Original error was: DLL load failed while importing _multiarray_umath: it wasn’t possible to find the specific module.

Could you help installing the numpy C-extensions?