Covid Detection Web App

While we all are making progress in our fight against Covid-19, I and my friend have built an AI model that helps you detect COVID-19 infection by just uploading samples of your cough sound. Our AI model will display your results within a matter of seconds. Such AI model can help us in triage of Covid positive patients. All thanks to Streamlit and its team, I was able to build a wonderful web app and deploy it on Streamlit-Sharing. Here is the link for web app:-


Welcome to the community @Ashish-Arya !

I remember seeing this idea float around, nice to see a demonstration of it :).


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Hello @andfanilo and thanks for the feedback. Like you said I tried to add the record feature in the web app but I always encountered some error for which I could not find a solid solution. But I am planning to add some more features to the web app and also fix some bugs like when someone opens the web app in their mobile phones the background seems to repeat itself one after the other and I will try to add the record feature too. And this time if I encounter any error I will visit the discussion forum.

Once again Thank You and I wish you to stay healthy.

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