Custom name for custom themes

Hi I’m trying to get a custom name in the streamlit settings to show for a custom theme since I want preset in my project.


  1. I’m not too sure how to name it to like darker theme

how would I make it so where I can add it in the config.toml or something or if I need to have multiple toml files for each theme

I’ve tried this

primaryColor = "#00FF00"
backgroundColor = "#000000"
secondaryBackgroundColor = "#222222"
textColor = "#FFFFFF"
font = "sans serif"
name = "My Custom Theme"

and it doesn’t seem to work

Hey @greengeckowizard,

Thanks for sharing this question! Unfortunately, named custom themes aren’t currently supported. You’re able to set one custom theme at a time and the theme is automatically named “Custom Theme.”

Hi, thank you for letting me know that. If there’s a feature request section I would like to add that as a feature request.

Hey @greengeckowizard,

Feel free to submit a feature request here – thank you!

Thank you filling it out now!

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