Deploying Streamlit App as Sharepoint Site?

Hello Streamlit community!

Not a code question so much as a conceptual question: has anyone deployed a Streamlit app as an internal Sharepoint site?

I don’t know much about Sharepoint (or deploying web apps in general), but I built a quick Streamlit app to make some python code accessible to my less-tech-savvy colleagues. One colleague asked if we could host the Streamlit interface on Sharepoint, so I figured I’d at least do some due diligence to try to do that. I’ll note that the Streamlit app is private (so no support to use embed code - but I could maybe adjust that).

Not seeing any reference to hosting on Sharepoint either here or on Reddit, and I must not be googling the right questions cause I’m not seeing any results that feel relevant (or I don’t know enough to recognize the right answers when I see them). Anyone have any advice for me, or examples I could reference?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @linds,

If you have any flexibility on making your app public (you could also make it public and add a global password), embedding your app in the Sharepoint site is probably the most straightforward solution.

Because Sharepoint is more of a document storage solution than a robust hosting platform, I think that any other solution is likely going to be relatively hack-y. Here are a few of the threads I found while looking into this:

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Thank you so much for looking into this!

I wondered if making it public might be the easiest way around this. Appreciate you sharing what you found!

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