Efficiency and Vis advice

Hi All,
I’ve recently put together my first Streamlit app, a pretty simple automated evaluation of the weather forecast. The Heroku scheduler checks the weather bureau API each day, records the forecast to a db and then whenever the main app is visited, loads the db and crunches the numbers.

It runs ok, (some of the historical data shown is made up for development) but I’d love feedback on ways I can perhaps make it more efficient.

I tried a few different approaches and to keep things easier to work with while developing processed all of the data first and then output the text and tables last. Is there a better convention with Streamlit?

Also, I’ve noticed Series with a single column display vertically. Can they be displayed horizontally without a reshape?

I’ve got more functions to add to the page (two forecasting methods), so efficiency will become more important as I go.

Also, any general thoughts on better displays or charts are welcome, the non-interactive heatmaps from Seaborn are looking a little dated these days.

App: http://bom-weather.herokuapp.com/
App File: https://github.com/bfgdigital/BOM_Weather/blob/main/bom_app.py

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