Enter the Summit Hackathon! ⛰️

@Amorts121 we just recently extended the deadline to May 5th! but the first 100 entries will get Streamlit stickers, so be sure to submit your entry soon!

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Great thanks for clarifying @Caroline!

My final question is how will the judges know if you’ve used some of the Streamlit functions mentioned in the official rules if they don’t see the source code?

@Caroline - what is the approach the judges will take regarding the source code question above please?

Happy to help while Caroline is out of office, @Amorts121 ! When submitting your app, there’s a field on the form for you to tell us more about how you built it and what functions & connection(s) you used. We’ll also reach out with any necessary follow-up questions to ensure you’ve met the requirements.


Hey @kristamuir thanks for picking this up and replying on behalf of Caroline!

Hey, I have an idea to build a transcompiler package that can convert a jupyter notebook to a streamlit app. I know this is not some app “built with streamlit”, but rather an extension for streamlit.
Does that also serve as a good candidate project?


Hey @yoshi,

Unfortunately the entries need to be Streamlit apps. That sounds awesome though, and you should definitely share it in the “Show the Community” category!

You could write a streamlit app where a user can upload a notebook and then see and download the streamlit app. I would love to try something like that.

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Is this contest expired? May 15th midnight assuming is 12:00 am?

@clownfishman It ends tonight at midnight (and now this song is stuck in my head)

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Thanks Caroline, found out from the Official Rules that it’s also PST (love to be in EST) LOL

2.1 Submission Period. The “Submission Period ” begins on April 3, 2023 at 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) and ends on May 5, 2023 at 11:59 PM PT. Please see Section 4 (How to Enter) for further information on the submission process.

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Hey @Caroline.
I sent an application. Am I supposed to get some kind of email confirmation from you?
Thanks :smiley:

Hey @JGustavo0,

You should have received a confirmation email, but the contest did end at midnight on May 5th, unfortunately

Hey @Caroline, I know it ended on May 5th (extended). But, I submitted it in April and did not receive any email. Could you check it, please?

Yes just replied to you on LinkedIn – you’re all set!

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Hello, i have submitted my application before the deadline line, however I didn’t get any confirmation neither any updates about the hackathon results. How can I check if my application was submitted successfully?

Hi Caroline, has the judging process for the summit apps been concluded.

Hey @Caroline I didn’t receive anything on LinkedIn

Hi there, I’m waiting for the contest result. Will it be announced today? Thanks!

Edit: winners have been announced here!

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