Error after running the app 5 times (maybe resource limit)

Hello Streamlit community,
I’ve encountered an error after running my app 5 or 6 times.

My app is about detecting banknotes using YOLOR and produce a sound file to play the name of the detected banknote.

So, the error occurs after running on 5 images or so, So I think it is due to a resource limit, but I know that resource limit has different error msg than mine.

My error is this

When I reboot the app it works for another 5 images then it fails again.
What I’ve tried?:
I’ve tried using @st.cache when loading the model but it produce the same error.
I’ve run it locally and it works absolutely fine.

Any help is appreciated.

Here is my code : Egyptian-Currency-Detector/ at main · AbdassalamAhmad/Egyptian-Currency-Detector · GitHub

Here is the Streamlit app link :