Executable Streamlit

Hello. I tried sharing my app with many methods from other questions, such as this. I tried to create an executable with cx Freeze and Pyinstaller, failing. Is there anyone who succeeded? Or someone that can share?

Hey @Federico_Farina, Welcome to the forum!

We are working hard on a “For Teams” product that will be simplifying this but in the meantime the other possible way would be deploying your Streamlit app in a server, have you tried one of this methods?

A few additional resources would be this article written on Medium:

And a couple of YouTube video tutorials by JCharis:

Hey @arraydude! Thanks for the answer!
I’ll try to deploy it on glitch as soon as i can, because other methods are maybe “too hard” for the end user! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: (Even if we do have docker)
But anyways, thank you! I’ll try to stay posted for the “Teams” release.