Sharing program

how can i share my streamlit app / program with my colleague or friend, in the form of a link or anything so that my colleague can use the app i made.

Hey @Shubham_Rathore :wave:,

Great question. Right now there isn’t a way to directly deploy your app through Streamlit, but we are working on our “For Teams” offering which is currently in the development phase. If you’d like to sign-up and hear about it when more information becomes available here is the link.

In the meantime, the community has come up with some amazing ways to deploy Streamlit apps :star_struck:. Here are a few forum discussions:

A few additional resources would be this article written on Medium:

And a couple of YouTube video tutorials by JCharis:

Hopefully this helps and feel free to let me know if you have any questions! Also any feedback you have on the type of deployment and sharing you would like would be useful as we shape the For Teams product.

Hey @tc1,
Yeah, i deployed my app on heroku and i will try other options as well which you suggested me.
As feedback for deployment i wold like to request for the feature where we can download our app as an executable file which can be shared directly.
I also wanted to ask you that, is there any way by which after deploying an eda app/program, if we make changes to our csv file then it can directly reflect the changes on our app?

@Shubham_Rathore, thanks a lot for your feedback. Those suggestions of yours are really precious and we will take it into account when we design our “For Teams” offering. Feel free to file a feature request here. That way, we can track your specific requests.

As for your second request, once you deploy your app to a cloud provider, you will not be able to edit the csv locally on your machine and have that picked up by the app. That said, you can get “close”. For example, we have a File Uploader widget under development (PR) that will allow an App user to upload files after the app has been deployed. Of course, this is a very rich area and we can think of more sophisticated ways of doing it. Maybe you can push/sync the csv to S3 and we can devise a way to notify Streamlit. Still very open to feature requests.