Firewall blocking streamlit after 1 min?


I am trying to run streamlit from a local computer from the company, the computer is managed by IT, all software installations and firewall permission as given by IT.

The first time i ran streamlit i got the windows message that says, allow the programm in any network. See example image. I ignored the message and continued.

I first tested the app with an example dataframe, but after i tried reading an excel file from the netwok, the app just stops its connection after the minute. When trying to refresh it says connecting and then i get an error message on the browser.

Should i ask IT to allow python connections from anywhere in the firewall?
Is this solely relying on the Firewall?


Is the app still running? Can you verify that you are not getting a fatal error and app is stopping, like a segmentation fault or similar?

Hi Carlos,

The solution was for IT to allow python on the local firewall.

Thanks for your reply.


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