Goodreads Wrapped for 2020

You can analyze your all time habits too! by choosing the option from the drop down menu on the sidebar.


Welcome to the forum @mennanist!

Well I guess 2021 is the year I open a Goodreads account so I can track my reading habits :slight_smile: can’t use the app without a sample data, but the pink design is neat :star2:


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Thank you! It’s been an amazing experience working on Streamlit, it made life easy.
and you can test it out with this sample!

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Great, thanks :slight_smile: some thoughts that occured to me when running it:

  • I love the little touches like “Your average rating for this year is 3.57! you’re basically a pro!” :laughing: . You could wrap this into a to make it more visible.
  • I’d like to be able to see a breakdown of books that got 5 stars for example, maybe in a beta_expander under the plot for example!
  • Even more interactive, though that may be a bit demanding in terms of effort, would be to click on a part of the plotly chart (like “4 star rating”) and populate the expander.
    • why complex? you would need a custom streamlit-plotly component to manage the interactivity. See streamlit_scatterplot_selection and corresponding blog article, sadly I’ve not published a full component for this
    • while I didn’t write one for plotly, there’s a Bokeh bidirectional component that would do the trick, but this requires to transform all the graphs into Bokeh.

That’s it for random ideas :upside_down_face:

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Thank you! I will definitely consider this in 2021!