Why do I have to reboot after changes

Since today I have to reboot my app to see changes that I have pushed to Githbu (via Visual Studio Code). Before I saw them immediately. Is there a change in settings of caching?

Has it to do with “2021-07-29 10:51:50.169 An update to the [server] config option section was detected. To have these changes be reflected, please restart streamlit.” ?

Hi @rcsmit in my streamlit app i had being developing, i getting no issue about what you mencioned. When i create news features or changes something in my code automatically my app refreshs and i don’t need to restart the streamlit app localy running streamlit run my_app_data in cmd…your problem seems to happen only in streamlit sharing or locally too?

only at streamlit sharing. But deleting it at share.streamlit.io and reinstalling it there seems to have solved the problem.

Unfortunately i never use streamlit sharing. My apps are being shared through heroku. But maybe @snehankekre could help you with this issue (if there is one) :cold_face:.

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