How to add notifications to Streamlit app?

Please, take a look at the following image. Is it possible to implement such kind of notification in Streamlit?

Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 17.20.12

I just want to inform a user that a Celery task is finished.

Web browser based push notification will work also. Not sure whether it is possible to implement such kind of notification in Streamlit or not.

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Same question, wait for response.

Hello @chingyen, @blackout65

As far as I’m aware Push notifications are not yet available but let me suggest them to the team and find out more about it :slight_smile:


Hey @chingyen, @blackout65!

I’ve feedback from the Devs! :raised_hands:

If they’re asking for in-browser toasts, I believe we have that planned for this quarter.
But if they want desktop notifications, that’s not scheduled yet.
But a component could easily do it!

So, are you guys up to build a custom components? :wink:
You can start here → Extend your app with Components — Streamlit 0.84.2 documentation

Happy Streamlitin’! :balloon:


Hi @Charly_Wargnier ,

Just wanted to share some potential features for notification toasts, which I know are somewhere down the roadmap. Just some thoughts in case they are helpful.

  • Adding a “close” or “X” button so users can dismiss the notification after reading it.

  • Setting height, width, and position (center of screen, top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right) of the notification toast.

  • Adding to the body of the notification toast not only text, but also a url (e.g., to link to a privacy policy document) or even injecting some html.

  • Choosing if the app in the background is greyed out / disabled or not, when the notification toast shows up.


Thanks, @marduk, for your suggestions! :pray:

I’ve passed them over to the Dev team.

I sincerely apologise as your answer slipped through the net.

Best wishes,

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No problem at all @Charly_Wargnier , just wanted to share some ideas in case the Dev team finds them helpful :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!

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Hi @marduk , have a look at Custom notification alert box


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Hi @marduk ,
Any code snippet on setting the height width and position for the pop up would be really helpfu;.
I am unable to find the documentation of ToastNotifier().

Thank you.

Hey there @01apoorva10 ,

Notification toasts are not available yet in Streamlit as a native component; in my previous message I was just sharing some ideas for the dev team to consider.

If you don’t want to wait for the Streamlit-native notification toasts, @Shawn_Pereira kindly pointed us to a custom component someone built:


Hi, you could also go to pipi and search for ‘toast’ (Search results · PyPI). There are some packages that you may want to give a try.


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Thanks for the tip @Shawn_Pereira . Can you please fix the URL in your reply? I guess you meant :slight_smile:

Thanks @marduk for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

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