How to google my app?

google search console give me 2 ways to search my app in google.

  1. given html file have to be uploaded in my app
    I’ve tried with two code uploading the html file.
    p = open("google~~.html") components.html(

HtmlFile = open("google~~~.html", 'r',encoding='utf-8') source_code = print(source_code) components.html(source_code, height=450, scrolling=False)
but they doesn’t work.

  1. insert given html tag in section
    but I don’t know what streamlit code can access not

what can I do??

Hey @backalley_lab,

I guess you’re trying to get your app indexed by Google, so other people can find it via Google Search? This is unfortunately not possible right now. But indexability is one of our top priorities and we want to work on it over the next few months! Can I ask where you are deploying your app?

Cheers, Johannes