How to make Graph, Table and Metrics interactive?

Hello All,

I am building a UI using a csv file. I have created graph(line chart using Atlair), Table and a Metrics(st.metric). For input, I have build Calendar(using Date) and Product type column(Multiselect). Now, I want to make my graph, table and metric to interact with each other on the basis of the inputs I select.

I would really appreciate if you all can help me out.

Please show us what you have and what you are not able to resolve…

Take a look at my github, I have various interactive plots (mostly with plotly)


Please find the screenshot/Picture added in the comment.

Can you please help us to know how interactivity will work on this, We are unable to connect table and graph with Date & Product, Metric.

Hi @Devanshu_Aggarwal,

Have you looked into Session State, this will allow you to store information across app interactions.

More info below: