How to remove app from Streamlit Cloud?

I removed the repository on GitHub and then I wanted to remove the application on

the Cloud but I0m getting this error message:

Can somebody help?

Thank you.

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Hi @yaosiganama,

Thanks for sharing this question!

Can you please share the link to the app?

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We also have an FAQ about this topic – please check it out: FAQ: Read-only access to app after changing GitHub repo name or username.

Pasting the relevant info below for reference:

After changing the name of the GitHub repository associated with your app or updating your GitHub username, you no longer have edit access for your deployed Streamlit app.

There are two options for resolving this issue:

  1. You can change your repo name or username back to its original value – this will restore your edit access for the deployed app. You can then delete the app and re-deploy it after changing your repo name or username.
  2. You can create a ticket for our support team by following the process described here. The support team can delete the app for you so that you can redeploy the app with the updated repo name or username.

Note: this will also happen if you delete the repo associated with your Streamlit app (before deleting the app). In that case, temporarily creating a new repo with the same name should restore your permissions so that you can delete the Streamlit app, or you can create a support ticket (option 2 above).


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here is the link:

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