How to skip the "Welcome to Streamlit" message?


I writing a python application and part of it is a streamlit dashboard which is launched with the command below:

import subprocess
subprocess.Popen(["streamlit", "run", filename])

That however produces the welcome message

👋 Welcome to Streamlit!
      If you’d like to receive helpful onboarding emails, news, offers, promotions,
      and the occasional swag, please enter your email address below. Otherwise,
      leave this field blank.

and the dashboard doesnt open because it waits for a keystroke. How can I skip the welcome message please?

I have seen this similar post from Jun 22, however I dont quite get why this is good practice.

I am deploying my app as a python package to the users. Why should we somehow create an empty credentials.toml file and risk overwriting an existing toml with some useful details

Greetings @gmiliotis !

Simple and Standard fix for this is to use a redirection.

For Linux/ MacOSX

streamlit run > dev/null

For Windows

streamlit run > NUL

So you use it like this:

subprocess.Popen(["streamlit", "run", filename, '> /dev/null'])

Thanks! Thats a nice idea indeed! For future reference, if anyone else is looking into this, a cross-platfom command would be

import os
subprocess.Popen(["streamlit", "run", filename, os.devnull])

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