Remove streamlit welcome message on Windows

I have been trying to remove the welcome message that presents itself after streamlit run It blocks the app from progressing whenever I run my app inside docker or IIS. I am unsure how to go about removing this or bypassing it as non of the ways people have recommended have worked.

I have tried making a .streamlit/credentials.toml file with [general] email = β€œβ€ blank and non blank but neither do anything.

I have also tried running streamlit run > NUL but that does not do anything either.

Any help would be great

I met the same problem, try to edit the config file.

# .streamlit/config.toml
headless = true

How to run a containerized streamlit app in a headless/noninteractive mode?


Did You Find Any Solution?

The above answer was the solution. You just have to make that folder and file under your windows user account