Href Directed to Specific Instance's Update Page


I followed jcharistech’s tutorial for building a CRUD app on streamlit. I am tasked with writing a basic project management website for my company and I chose streamlit to do it. Right now I have my app set up where the sidebar is the directory for my app. It shows the respective details of each page on an if/elif basis.


I used bootstrap to display the individual projects as cards (seen below). As of now, the “Update” and “Delete” href’s are not functional. I am wondering how to go about implementing this. Instead of the user looking for the name of a project on the home page and then going to the update page and updating a project, I would like the user to be able to click the update or delete href and be taken directly to that project’s page! What is the most streamlitic way of going about this?


P.S. I know in django the url schema would go something like “home/go_to_the_store/update” or just “home/(insert primary key here)/delete”. jcharistech said there is a way to do something like this but I do not know how.