I recently changed the repo name and can't control my app now

i recently changed the repo name and can’t control my app now

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Are you able to delete and redeploy your app under the new repo name?

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can’t delete aswell

i tried to deploy the same repo (with the new repo name) and it says the repo doesn’t exist

You need to go inside your app link (i.e. <your_app_name>.streamlit.app) and click on “Manage App” at the bottom right and try to delete it from there.


the manage app doesn’t come up in my case

I had same problem, i changed my repo name and can’t control it via app’s page. but when i click the name (step 1) i can access app and have “Manage App” section.

Are you sure you don’t have the “Manage app” button? May be you need to enable cookies so streamlit can understand you are the owner of app.

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Hi @iamrishan, I suggest trying @oguzhari’s method. If it doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll report the issue to the developers.

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cookies are enabled on my browser

wait i cleared all cookies and now it shows manage app. should I delete the app?

If you want to re-deploy, you can delete it. But I did not feel i need to delete my app, i just use “manage app” section for manage my app. It is all about you right now.

does the new commits to the named changed repo effect this app? basically if I change any code does this effect in my app?

Yes it will.

then no need to delete right, thank you guys for the help

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