INcrease the uploading size of input box

Respected sir/madam,
Kindly help me how to increase the size of file uploadinng into the message input box via path location to 1GB from 200MB . I am able to increase it for file uploading but not for the message input box.


By default, uploaded files are limited to 200MB. You can configure this using the server.maxUploadSize config option. For more info on how to set config options, see Configuration - Streamlit Docs

I am able to dt for st.file_uploader but not for st.text_input.

Kindly help me.

Sorry about that; I misread. What do you mean by “message input box?” If you are inputting a large amount of text, use st.text_area but I don’t know exactly what you mean about uploading “via path location” using some kind of text input having some file size limit (other than file_uploader).

Sorry ,st.text_input

Let me know if you meant something else about uploading a file “via path location” with st.text_input but if you want to upload by path then use file_uploader. If you want to paste in a file as plain text, use text_area.

I want to paste the file location into the input box rather than file uploading widget.I am able to increase file size in file uploader widget from 200MB to 1GB. But when i am trying to paste path location into the input bpx, it is taking only upto 200MB.plz tell me how to increase the size limit for inputting the file location.

I don’t understand what you are doing with the path in st.text_input. I don’t know how a file path could be greater than 200MB nor what you are doing with a path later in your code that a 200MB limit is being hit.

st.text_input is just that: text input. It’s not going to return a file or path object. It will return a string. So what exactly are you doing that you are hitting a limit? Can you share a code snippet?

I have attached the photos of code and result.this is working fine for files lesser than 200 MB.

I don’t see how this has anything to do with st.text_input. You are giving it a path as a string, and it is taking in that path as a string just fine. I don’t see how the size of the file has any bearing on the part of the code you are showing. Which line exactly is causing a problem with the file size? Please show me what you do with st.session_state.filename later on.

I need to see the lines of code that process the information in st.session_state.filename to figure out what you are having a problem with.

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