It is possible to change the Please wait... when loading the streamlit app?

You can use other laoding messages and widgets such as

But if you’re talking about the message that spawns on its own when laoding any streamlit app then I guess not unless you customize the streamlit package installed on your machine which when deployed still won’t take effect as the servers install streamlit on their own.

Would you know how to teach me how I can change this in the stremalit package installed on my machine? It would be very interesting for me if this part of the page was changed :frowning:

I was only able to change the title and the icon at the directory /home/anaconda3/envs/streamlit/lib/python3.11/site-packages/streamlit/static/index.html

The Please wait … I fail to change it even i change something in the …/site-packages/streamlit folder

@rotrigoh You have to go to your installed packages and dig in the code, but as I stated previously, again, it doesn’t matter as at the end you will deploy the app on streamlit cloud, which installs its own Streamlit package from the source, all you can do is specify the package version, you can’t alter the source package the cloud builds the app upon.

You may try and maybe create some custom streamlit component and present it as a feature PR on Streamlit’s GitHub, or maybe open an issue and make a feature request.

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I did exactly what you did and also managed to change the message of “Please Wait…”

Just go to the file:

And with this file, open with notes and search por “Please wait…”:

And you can modify this. Just save it and reload the app.

I think we can modify a lot of things with these Static elements. However, I don’t have much knowledge of how to handle it. But I think it’s a big step.

I hope this helps you.

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