It really was THAT easy!

So I needed to create a small web page to upload some large documents to our cloud document storage and write a record to our ERP system linking to that upload. Tried Django…excellent platform but steep learning curve and overkill for what I wanted to do. Then tried Flask…also great platform but confused by some of the implementation. Stumbled across Streamlit yesterday and I kept saying to myself: “It can’t be this easy”. “No really, it can’t be this simple”.

Yes, it really was THAT simple and easy! Within just a few hours I almost had my simple web page done just by looking at a few examples and reading the docs.


Welcome to the community, @jtempletmg! It’s awesome to hear you had a great experience with Streamlit. Can’t wait to see what you build next! :hugs:

If you’ve got any questions or need a hand with your project, just shout out here—we’re all here to help!