Login takes me to google

I started to try the streamlit cloud thing a few month back and it seemed to work then with my github login. Now I came back to it and if I click on login with github it takes me to a Sign in - Google Accounts page. Can someone tell me what is going on here??? Tried it with all my browsers btw.

Hi @ksxx :wave:

That is expected behavior. The sign-in flow includes signing into Streamlit Cloud via email / Google and signing in to GitHub so Streamlit can access your app repos.

When I tried to do this, I can’t login to my existing account. Instead I’m asked to create a new account with streamlit. But I already have an account at streamlit which was created by signing in via github. It seems streamlit assumes, that your github account is using a gmail email address.

Instead how I managed to login to my existing streamlit account was by clicking on sign in via email and using the email address I use with github. This worked. However after login in addition I needed to go to settings/source control and connect to github to finally see my existing streamlit cloud apps.

Hey @asmaier,

If you’ve logged in with both GitHub and Gmail/Google in the past, but are now trying to log in via only GitHub, Streamlit Community Cloud will prompt you to log in with Gmail/Google as well.

If you’d like to unlink your Gmail/Google account from Streamlit Community Cloud, you log in with both GitHub and Gmail/Google, and then log out via Gmail/Google.

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Similar issue I’m having. Signed up with email. Logged in with github. Now signed out. Cannot see any option to login via email only Google. I have not signed up with Google so how will that work?

Hey @alxtrnr, if you DM me the GitHub username you’ve used to log in, I can tell you what email address it’s linked to in our system

Hi @Caroline I have a smilier problem with my streamlit app. I renamed the app following streamlit’s documentation and since then I can’t log into the app fro my GitHub account. I have sent mails to support but I was re-directed to snowflakes but I couldn’t submit a case with a trial account. Please is there anything I can do?

Hey @Amy_Ikp, I’d recommend following the steps in this guide to create a support ticket – you actually don’t need a paid Snowflake account to do this, just a free Snowflake “community” account which gives you access to the support portal.

Hi Caroline, I have tried to create a support ticket to no avail. Please if you know a way, I can log into my streamlit app through my GitHub after I renamed the app (I read your comment asking someone if he did this), I’d really appreciate if you can give few pointers. Thank you