Logs Viewer?

Hey everyone!

I’m wondering if anyone has created a custom component that displays logs. I have logs from a different application that are written to the file system. I originally liked the look of reading in those logs to st.info, but I need the log box be able to scroll when it overflows and I can’t figure out how to alter st.info boxes to add height and overflow.

If anyone has messed around adding a log view to their streamlit apps or knows how to force st.info boxes to act like a log viewer, please let me know!


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Hi @AlCote,

Thanks for posting!

Have you considered using the Manage app on the lower right corner of your app or are you lookin for a custom solution?

Thanks for the response!

Unfortunately I’ll need a custom solution because it’s not Streamlit logs I’m hoping to show. It’s logs from a different application that’s written to the file system that I’m trying to display.


I was able to add

div[class="stAlert"] {
    height: 350px !important;
    overflow-y: scroll !important;

to a css file and got the st.info boxes to scroll when they reach a certain size. Is there a way to start the view at the bottom of the text area? So like it’s scrolled all the way to the bottom when it’s rendered?

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