MagicLit: Unleash the power of Streamlit!

Original topic: After 1 year of development with streamlit finally my app is live.

Hey Streamlit Community!
I’m thrilled to present MagicLit, an exciting project that takes Streamlit to new heights. :magic_wand:

Code: GitHub - Mortafix/magiclit: Supercharge Streamlit with MagicLit: Unlock the full potential of the framework for captivating and interactive web applications.

MagicLit is all about creating mesmerizing web applications effortlessly. With its efficient fragment functionality and organized pages, navigating through your app has never been smoother. The customizable color scheme allows you to add your personal touch, while enhanced components take your app’s functionality to the next level. :star:

I’ve also put together a comprehensive documentation to guide you every step of the way (you can find it in the main page of the app) :open_book:

I hope that MagicLit serves as an inspiration to many in the Streamlit community and can increase the :heart: for this framework!


Thanks for sharing!

Happy you all like it :smile:

@Mortafix What a great contribution. Well done!


@asehmi Many thanks!
I really love Streamlit and can’t wait for its future :heart:

This is very cool, just discover your amazing work.
I really like the effects (the control of streamlit loader) and the header, it makes the app more production ready.
I think I will try to integrate some components into projects I’m developing:)

Thanks for your contribution and nice job!

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Thanks @fabiogra!
I’m happy to see that you like my project, hope to help your integration :smile:

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