Mastermind game as a Streamlit app

Hello there :muscle:t2:

I’m an eager Streamlit user, it somehow changed the way we communicate with stakeholders in everyday work and it literally brings our code to life - so first of all thank you for such an amazing product!

Probably Streamlit wasn’t supposed to be used to design game apps, but here’s my try: a Streamlit rendition of Mastermind code-breaking game!

You can try it out yourself here: - the best ux is on desktop browsers (I embedded a bunch of emoji directly in the code, which I suspect might be not so recommended…)

I stole a couple of gists from the community (e.g. session state, rerun) to achieve the result, so I owed you one :wink:


Hi @sis, welcome to the Streamlit community!

The app looks really polished, but it’s not really clear how to play…maybe add some instructions to the top of the app?


Hi @randyzwitch,

thanks for the reply: I followed your advice by adding some game instructions to the top of the app, together with a link to the detailed game rules on Wikipedia - you can check it out through the Heroku link.

The ux is definitely better now, so thanks again!

(of course, any other comment or suggestion is more than welcome)