I am making a multipage app when on local machine it is showing all pages but on deploying it is not showing the other pages?

This is local machine deployment
I also have pages folder no capitalised P

This is after deployment

Github : sudhanshu976/NLP_STREAMLIT (github.com)

Hi @sudhanshu976

Initially, the multi-page sidebar was also not showing the pages when using the original set of files.

I’ve tried a couple of things and now the sidebar is showing the multipages (see screenshot)

  • In the requirements.txt file it seems that you are using an old version of Streamlit, please update this to a newer version (I changed streamlit==1.8.0 to streamlit).
  • I renamed the main app file from 1_🏠_HOME.py to 🏠_HOME.py.
  • In the pages folder, renumber the individual files so that they start from 1_ in order to show the proper sequence.

Hope this helps!

Thank You so much brother

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