Packages.txt and ffmpeg error

Hi everyone.

I’m having an issue on an app i’m trying to deploy on the streamlit cloud. It is about ffmpeg since i need it for creating a video from matplotlib animation.
Locally it works perfectly, it is only an issue regarding streamlit host.

The link is here:
And the github is here: GitHub - BoccheseGiacomo/NeuralFluid: Emergent behaviour driven Learning

I have the requirements.txt with “ffmpeg-python” written inside
I have the packages.txt with “ffmpeg” written inside

when i run the app, i get the error:

MovieWriter ffmpeg unavailable; using Pillow instead.

And i notice on the log that streamlit terminal completely ignores the “packages.txt” and watches only for “requirements.txt”. Inside the log there is no reference about ffmpeg installing

Possibly, i would like to avoid using .yml setup
I need to solve this, thank you in advance.

This file must be in the root folder of your repo.


now i try, really thank you for the sudden response

Did this work out for you Giacom_Bocches

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