Problems with ffmpeg


Hi there, i´ve been for a couple of hours trying to create a simple app that requires ffmpeg but every single time i get FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘ffmpeg’ I´ve tried everything, installing via pip, adding a packages.txt file and no clue.

Link for the repo if any clue

  • I cannot see where ffmpeg is actually needed in this application. It is only imported, but not used.
  • ffmpeg itself is not a python module, so import ffmpeg does not work.
  • if you want to use the wrapper imageio-ffmpeg, follow the examples from its github repo.

Whisper depends on ffmepg

For whisper to work, you only need ffmpeg in your packages.txt file. Remove everything else related to ffmpeg from your requirements.txt and files, you don’t use it and you don’t need it.

Aside, if you plan to deploy on streamlit cloud, no whisper model beyond small will work, because these models have a massive memory footprint.

Should the same solution work for whisper API? I’ve already ffmpeg in packages.txt but still have the following error: DownloadError: ERROR: Postprocessing: ffprobe and ffmpeg not found. Please install or provide the path using --ffmpeg-location

Here is my repo: GitHub - ahmad-alismail/Podcast_Analyzer