We are a new startup and have created using the amazing streamlit library for Automatic machine learning which outputs predictions.

The website offers free import of csv for upto 150 of data. We thought 150 rows would be enough for education such as schools and colleges to learn.

You can create and upload your own custom csv data file or reference data from the web.
As a start, try out the iris data set which is embedded in the application by clicking on ‘Get Started’.

Once data is loaded, users can select column to remove from the data set or set time/date columns
Users can also inspect the data to gather statistics and visualise using various plots.

There are a number of algorithms which can be used to train and test model which can then be used for prediction based on inputs.

Members can get a dedicated server where they can save models to load later without loading the data set. They can also save data sets and use APIs to access using their own applications.

Try it out (limited members functionality)
Username: demo
Password: demoP@55word

And here’s a demo API for Iris data set[1,2,3,4]

Change the values parameter at the end of the above url to make another prediction for example: values=[2,2,2,2]

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Awesome work!!
Which theme are you using?

Thanks, its simply the dark theme with background colour set

font=“sans serif”