PubMeta : Revamp lots of Improvements!

Hey there streamlit peeps!

I have been working on an AI powered medical research application and tool for the past four months called PubMeta App and would like to share the beta release to you all.

The idea came to me when researching a family members medical condition. It was frustrating parsing through research papers and user-related forums all at once; it was a lot of information to process.

My hope with PubMeta is to bridge the gap between these two sources of data in a single platform ie user reports with the latest & most cited research.

This app speeds up medical treatment research for doctors and patients using GPT-4, custom vector databases, and unique data aggregation techniques / methodologies.

Currently we have 160+ chronic conditions and will be adding up to 1000+ in the coming months relative to demand. Additionally we do not yet have 100% of the research papers listed within the app as this will take some time.

My hope is to help those in need by making research easier and overall make medical data more accessible!

Check it out!


Hi @samthedataman

Thanks for creating an incredibly useful app and sharing with the community!

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