Raspberry pi streamlit

I am working on a couple of streamlit apps which will eventually be deployed in docker containers on a raspberry pi, and thought I would start this thread incase anyone else is using a pi for deployment.


On an RPi 4 with raspbian Buster.
It was necessary to first:

$ sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev

but I was then able to run streamlit on rpi with no problems, viewing the app using the built in Chromium browser.


My primary use case is an app to facilitate the optimisation of parameters in a computer vision system that is integrated to my home automation platform. However I think streamlit on an rpi could also have many applications in education, museums/galleries, and in small businesses.


I know of a couple of users who have told me they are using pi. I’ll ping them to see if they have any thoughts for you!


Got a POC working, it is the streamlit demo running in a docker container on an RPi4. I’ve actually installed it as a Home Assistant addon, which provides a nice UI for managing docker images on the pi. This opens up the possibility of creating streamlit data science apps for Home Assistant, or just using Home Assistant as a user friendly way for non technical people to deploy the streamlit apps. I think I will create an app for doing prediction of time series sensor data using the prophet library.

Screenshot from my ipad below: