Saving chat settings

Hi there.
I’m using GPT-4 API on my streamlit. My app lets the users build their own chatbots.
I want users be able to save their prompt and GPT-4 settings (e.g. temperature) see the first two images. By default, streamlit saves their chatbot. But if I reboot my Streamlit app, it removes everything.
I tried to save the settings in GitHub, and that works (see the third and fourth images) but the problem is that since GitHub sorts the files in alphabetic order and doesn’t allow you to sort the files based on the date added, any saved chat goes somewhere in the middle of many other chats.
Do you have a solution for this issue? Do you know any alternative for Github to save and load this type of data?

My streamlit:

Almost anything would be better than github. Using a cookie is probably the best option here.

Hi @Goyo.
Thanks for your reply. I’m not a programmer; I’m a lecturer in law trying to figure out whether we can use AI chatbots in education.
Would you please elaborate a bit more so I can find a way to address this problem? I appreciate it.

Let’s clarify what you are trying to do. Do you want to keep separate settings for each instance of the application, for each user or for each browser?

Thanks for your reply Goyo.
I want each user to be able to create their own settings that would be accessible to anyone who access the website. i.e., if a user creates a chatbot, anyone can access that chatbot with all the settings saved by the user.