Screen cast Browser Support

I am currently facing some issues while screen-casting Streamlit .
I’m currently using the nightly version(I think it’s old)
: 0.69.2.dev20201015

Chrome Version: 86.0.420.198
Edge Chromium: 86.0622.68

It gives the following error
" Due to limitations with some browsers this feature is only supported on recent desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge "

That’s very odd…

I just created a bug report for you here

We’ll look into it and get back to you!

Hi @Agrover112,

Is there any error appearing in your browser console? Which operative system are you using?

It shows as a dialog box while running the Streamlit app on web with the above dialog and a green icon.

Oh ok, but besides that dialog box are you seeing any other error in the browser console?

Which operative system are you running? macOS / Windows / Linux ?

Windows Latest Insider Build+ also tried on other version :confused:

Can anyone try and possibly replicate this?

same here on ubuntu 18.04 with firefox 83.0 and chromium 87.0.4280.66

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This is very strange, I believe Devs are aware of this ?

works for me since update on 0.73.1

I have noticed this problem when I attempt to run screencast on a machine different from the one Streamlit is running on. The OS doesn’t matter.


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Interesting! My streamlit also runs remotely and I had the same issues but now it’s gone…

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May the Dev’s consider this closed (on GitHub )?

The problem hasn’t gone away for me.

I just upgraded to Streamlit 0.74.1 and I still see the problem of not being able to do screencast from a host thats not running Streamlit locally. For the record, I’m running Streamlit on a Linux server and trying to record a screencast on a Windows machine and on a different Linux machine.


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Yes, I see the same issue. It works fine app is hosted on local but does not work when streamlit is running on a remote server.

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