Streamlit Cheat Sheet

I love how easy streamlit makes making apps.

However, when learning it, I searched for a “cheat sheet” summary of the docs, but couldn’t find one anywhere.

So I decided to make one myself:


Feedback, comments, corrections all welcome.
It’s also under the MIT License, so feel free to develop, change, modify, keep, etc etc etc

Hey @daniellewisDL ! Welcome to the community !

I like the PDF output of the cheatsheet. Are you planning to release the source code too, as I can’t find it in the linked repo :slight_smile: ? That way people could also just pull your repo and run the Streamlit app!



Hey @daniellewisDL, welcome to the Streamlit community! Thanks for sharing this, it looks like an invaluable resource.


This is so, so awesome. Would be great to see how / if we could reference this in Streamlit’s documentation!


Love it!

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Thanks - i have now added and requirements.txt to the repo.

I had been trying to columnise it to get the output on ‘one page’ like the pdf, but I’m struggling, so I just uploaded the vanilla single column version.

To get the cheat sheet on one page for the pdf, I actually cheated by using the streamlit design language but on a (hush!) powerpoint slide.

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Thanks! I think it’s a good idea (obviously as I tried to implement it!) but I’m sure others can build on it and improve my initial attempt. If anyone wants to use it for any purpose (including in the docs!) it is freely mutable.

There is also now an version in the repo. Any feedback welcome!

thanks! please let me know how it can be improved.

This is really great! I love it!

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i have now deployed the version to heroku:


Excellent work! Will use this frequently. Thank you!


that’s nice @daniellewisDL! Thanks for sharing.


thats really helpful, thanks


Updates October 2020

  • New version of the cheat sheet
  • Updated for streamlit v0.68.0
  • Version numbers of cheat sheet now aligned to streamlit version numbers for ease of user reference
  • v0.68.0 of the app cheat sheet is columnised using 0.68.0 layout update
  • Cheat sheet app version deployed via both:
    • streamlit sharing; and
    • heroku
  • .pdf replaced by .png in the github repo - the .png version is just a screencap of the app


Thanks for sharing this resource. Would become a bit more popular if you could add the corresponding output with the code snippet!