Streamlit error 403, not sure what to do

I am running the app on the streamlit community cloud but I cant even enter my community cloud without getting this error. I have already made my github repos public but nothing has changed

Hi @APVB12 , and welcome to the community! It’s great to have you here! :raised_hands:

To assist you better, could you please share the error log with us? It will help us understand and address your issue more effectively :slight_smile:


Hi Charly, this error occurs after I click sign in through my github profile. I am not able to get to the page which shows my streamlit app. I have attached the console for my browser.

Unfortunately I am not able to delete and re-upload my app because everytime I sign in, I am rediredted to that error page. I have no idea how I can get to the Community Cloud with getting the error page.

Thanks Charly

Thank you for the prompt feedback. In that case, could you please try to contact our dedicated support team via the link shown on the error page, please?


Hi @Charly_Wargnier I’m facing the same issue.

Here’s more details about it: Streamlit sharing not working

What do I do? Really stuck and lost.

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Have also rebooted/deleted app and created new app, along with other fixes mentioned in the page. Please help

Thanks, @Yash_Mehta.

I’ve fed back here.


Just to clarify for users who have this issue in the future:

If you see a 403 error, please open a support ticket by following the process outlined here. Our support team will get this resolved for you.

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