Streamlit Game: Battleships (mini)


I created a mini version of the Battleships game with Streamlit that can be accessed here: Do refer to the Rules, if / as needed.

Would love to hear your feedback.



Was pretty fun, finding the destroyed is what took me time.
Maybe consider impelementing an aditional lose condition (including have your own ships which requires an oponent, this will imp the difficulty level).

Thanks @IndigoWizard for taking the time out to try the game. Its nice to know that you had fun playing it.

I had initially planned 3 levels:

  1. The current one: where the computer arranges the ships and the player bombs them
  2. The player and the computer duel against each other, just as the game is normally played
  3. Two (geographically dispersed) users duel against each other

I was just waiting for the feedback to decide if I needed to invest the time and effort for the other 2 levels.

Thanks once again.



Dueling each other is definitely a very interesting thing, and I think how to distinguish users will be a challenge :rofl:

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really nice and fun game :))

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