Streamlit Game: Picture Match


I created a picture match game with Streamlit that can be accessed here

Do give it a try.

Would love to hear your feedback.

Happy Playing :slight_smile:



This is fun!

How do you handle the page refreshing without blocking the execution of the entire app?

Its a great app, I loved to play that game :smile:. Would love to see this type of more projects from your end :sparkling_heart:.

The clock is too difficult, very interesting little game :grin:

Hi @edsaac, thanks for your review.

Have a look at the autorefresh lifesaver by @kmcgrady ( Streamlit Autorefresh - :jigsaw: Streamlit Components - Streamlit)


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Hi @Adarsh_Gupta, thanks for trying out the game. Here are a few other games that I have written:

  1. Streamlit Game: Housie | Tambola | Bingo - :speech_balloon: Show the Community! - Streamlit
  2. Streamlit Game: Battleships (mini) - :speech_balloon: Show the Community! - Streamlit


Hi @lkdd-ao, thanks for trying out the game. Yeah, clocks are difficult for everyone.

Anyway, in case you don’t like the picture bank, you can always go back to the main menu and click on the new game button again - you will probably get a fresh picture bank (that is hopefully, not clocks :-P)


Buon pomeriggio signore! Ho adorato il gioco! Molto creativo! Congratulazioni!!!

Grazie mille per aver dedicato del tempo per provare il gioco, @Wagner_Bonelli . Sono molto felice che ti sia piaciuto il gioco. Ci sono altri giochi che ho scritto, che possono essere cercati sul forum.

Abbi una buona giornata :slight_smile:

Love the idea. A little difficult to play on mobile, having to constantly open and close the sidebar menu.

Could there be an option to have all the pictures on the main page?

Hi @Hazzles, thanks for trying out the game. I had intended it to be played only on tablets / laptops. Will have to see what I can do to make it more responsive - the image grid composition will also need to change based on screen size.

Do try out my other games :slight_smile:


sliding into your DMs :blush: perhaps this can help :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, yeah, this will surely help. Will use it in my next project. Thanks :slight_smile:

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very interesting little game !! it was really fun

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