Streamlit keep ask my github account and password

I install streamlit on centos7.5.
when I run streamlit hello, demoe works fine, however, when I was running my own stupid simple app which only include st.write(“hello”), the client is pending and the server side are always prompt message " Username for ‘’" which is a little bit confused. the weird stuff is that it always protmpt “Username for” and “password for” all the time even i input the right username and password.

BTW, it works well on my local computer.

Just move the from git repo to a non git repo directory on the same machine, the prompt is gone.

Hi @bubble501, welcome to the Streamlit community.

This was fixed in the following PR 8 days ago:

When the next release of Streamlit happens (we release every two weeks or so), upgrading Streamlit will resolve the issue.


Cool, thanks.